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Donna Tucker

Donna Tucker

Sun Valley, NV


Donna Tucker a.k.a. dztucker

How I Got Started:
I was born to create. I can remember back when I was 4 years old, I tried to tell my parents that I wanted to be an artist like my aunt. My mother turned to my father and said, “Isn’t that too bad; she can’t even color in the lines.” This was the first time I actually was aware that there were things in my brain and abilities I would develop, (so help me God), which even my own dear mother did not know. I never forgot that and actually I have to thank my mother for stirring in me a desire to follow my dreams even if it meant to prove her wrong for I would go it alone. I grew to love expressing myself in art and in words. Communication became vital to my well being. If I wasn’t writing, I was painting. I always looked at life from different angles. I loved connecting with those who may have had a hard time expressing themselves. My greatest joy was when someone would say to me, this piece speaks to me! GREAT! I accomplished what I set out to do. I wanted to bring out the best in everyone. Let them see through my eyes the wonderful things I saw or imagined. Having artistic family roots from both sides of my family, I felt it was only natural that I follow my dream and become an artist. My work is sometimes a bit ‘outside of the box’ but I always strive to connect to the viewer in some way.

A Few of My Accomplishments:
I have been painting professionally in various mediums for over 50 years. I studied art at Walla Walla and Moorpark College's along with several private tutors including renowned artist, James Sturgeon from Thousand Oaks, CA. I have a lifetime of achievements ranging from many first places to 'Best of Show' awards, also including a portrait of Jack Nicklaus in the P.G.A. Golfers Hall of Fame Museum. I also received the honor twice of being one of the few selected out of thousands of International entries which I was accepted with a perfect score in the American Juried Art Salon. I have sold my works internationally as well as nationally to many private collectors and have had private and public exhibits in various American cities including Palm Springs, Pasadena, Cerritos, Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Bishop, CA, Walla Walla, WA., Reno, NV, Boise, ID., and many other places. I have also painted murals in private homes and mansions, business, schools and churches. I recently finished one for Harrah's Casino here in Reno.

One of my greatest loves is studying the masters and reproducing renderings of their famous works. I have worked on refining my technique to the point that I can reproduce just about any rendering of any artist from abstract to realism with the preciseness and accuracy of a perfectionist. I am versatile in many mediums and styles. You will not find me boring and you may never know what I will come up with next. As you will notice, my work speaks for itself. Thank you for your time in getting to know me better.

Other names I have used to identify my work besides dztucker is: Erickson Zappia, Donna Zappia, Donna Erickson and dfay.


Study in Nature by Donna Tucker


City Snow Ride by Donna Tucker


The Baby Jesus - A Study by Donna Tucker


The Homecoming by Donna Tucker


Walking Miss Daisy by Donna Tucker


Seth and Spiky Fishing by Donna Tucker


Kiss My Assssssss by Donna Tucker


Business as Usual by Donna Tucker


The Champ by Donna Tucker


Still Life of Persimmons by Donna Tucker


Always Open by Donna Tucker


Study of Peaches by Donna Tucker


Bear in the Mist by Donna Tucker


A Study of Waiting for the Stage by Donna Tucker


Fox Hunt by Donna Tucker


Hiding Treasure by Donna Tucker


Sunset Indian Village by Donna Tucker


In Memory of Baby Jordan by Donna Tucker


Study of St. Cecelia by Donna Tucker


Fantasy Study by Donna Tucker


Fantasy 2 The Mystery of a Dream by Donna Tucker


Nature's Fury by Donna Tucker


Two Rainbow Trout by Donna Tucker


Mother and Colt by Donna Tucker


A ride in the backyard by Donna Tucker


Balloon Race by Donna Tucker


To Eat or Not to Eat by Donna Tucker


Superbowl XII by Donna Tucker


Hiding in My Jeans by Donna Tucker


The Lone Range by Donna Tucker


Watching the Moon by Donna Tucker


Garden Visitors by Donna Tucker


Great Basin Nevada by Donna Tucker


Plowing It the Old Way by Donna Tucker


Grant by Donna Tucker


Old Virginia City by Donna Tucker


Glacier Splendor by Donna Tucker


The Lone Plunger by Donna Tucker


Indian on Lake Pyramid by Donna Tucker


Moonlight on Pyramid Lake by Donna Tucker


Morning Colors at Lake Pyramid by Donna Tucker


In the Spotlight by Donna Tucker


St. Mary of the Mountains by Donna Tucker


Evening Visitors by Donna Tucker


Closed on Sundays by Donna Tucker


Tahoe Winter Colors by Donna Tucker


Peeled Orange by Donna Tucker


Civil Disobediance by Donna Tucker